PS2 won't be dropping in price this year

on April 24, 2009 by Administrator

Sony’s jewel in the crown, the PlayStation 2, is a marvel of modern retailing and electronics manufacturing. Since its birth in 2000 it has sold 140 million units, with an average of around 4 million units being sold in Europe over the last few years. The PlayStation 3 has been just as successful as has the handheld PSP. There have been rumours that Sony were going to drop the retail price of the PS2 this year in light of the new demand for the new consoles. It’s good news for those living in the US and mainland Europe but not for those in the UK.

In North America the PS2 will see a drop from $129.99 to only $99.99. This price will also be the same throughout Europe too, so the price tag will be 99.99 Euros. However, official word from Sony is that there will be no price drop for customers in the UK this year. The current price for a Slimline PlayStation 2, as found on, is £92.99, which is quite considerably less than that charged over the last few years, especially following the launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006.

When consoles are in higher demand and more people want new models, it’s obvious the old models are going to drop in price. Some people might see it as a strange decision not to allow the UK customers the benefit of the price tag drop. It’s not been said officially, but it’s clear that the decision has been taken at least in part because of the value of the pound. Computer gaming has suffered in the economic crisis as much as any other industry and Nintendo have had to bump up the UK price of the Wii this year. But with the PlayStation 4 already being talked about for some time after 2010, it probably won’t be too long before the PlayStation 2 is found in the charity shops with its older brother the original PlayStation.

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