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TalkConsoles is an established community and news site. Launched in 2010 the site is monitised and ranks well in search engines. The site is offered for sale as a whole: including domain name, design and content. For more details and to register your interest contact our sole broker.

TalkConsoles is one of a number of websites in the talk network which is currently for sale.


Welcome to TalkConsoles

Welcome to Talk Consoles - the new home of Consoles on the web. The site is currently under development but we are proud to say that the guide to Consoles is up and available.

The three major consoles discussed on this site are made by Microsoft, the Xbox360, Sony, the PS3, and Nintendo, the Wii. Each offers an entirely different gaming experience and your choice of console hugely depends on what you want to get out of it.


Recent Posts begin selling Xbox Live Arcade games

The place of the traditional retailer is often discussed in regards to the games industry's future and usually the conclusion is drawn that digital distribution will eventually be its death. Although can hardly be called traditional it would still face many of the same problems, were it to... [read more]

92,000 DSi sales in 48 hours

The Nintendo DSi, the follow up to the DS Lite, was released recently, and sales have already gone through the roof. Nintendo has completely dominated the handheld console market in recent times, taking over the top spot from the PSP, and when sales of the new console managed to reach 92,000 in just... [read more]

PS2 won't be dropping in price this year

Sony's jewel in the crown, the PlayStation 2, is a marvel of modern retailing and electronics manufacturing. Since its birth in 2000 it has sold 140 million units, with an average of around 4 million units being sold in Europe over the last few years. The PlayStation 3 has been just as successful as... [read more]



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